Nathaniel Lamont White also known as IN-L is the Artist, Producer, Composer, Publisher, Music Maker

Nathaniel Lamont White; known as IN-L which stands for (doing music in love) is the Artist, Producer, Composer, Publisher, Music Maker, that placed a jewel of an EP on all major platforms called Lip Servicing, in which we know the expression “lip service” which means expressing through words the support for something without taking any action or doing anything to actually support it.  IN-L leaves all interpretation and deep thinkers plenty of leeway to interpret his artwork and album names to them.  IN-L wants you the listener to share, love, and play his music over and over again until it embeds in your mind and body.  This is some of the best music that’s out to date, along with his catalog of hits you can find on Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms.  Go buy some of his music on iTunes and on Amazon to show your support, believe that it is well deserved. IN-L did state that the “new EP was inspired by today’s music industry culture”, and from the present social climate as it relates to the music industry.  IN-L lastly stated, “don’t overthink on this creation, just enjoy it, and let it motivate you.”