Kate and Anna McGarrigle Present ‘Tant Le Monde’ Out October 28

Kate & Anna McGarrigle delivers a beautiful slice of classic folk on “Tant Le Monde”. Recorded live, one feels an intimate sensibility that rolls through the entirety of the work. Every track plays off the last for their voices have a tremendous sweetness to them. Instrumentation blooms adding a magical beauty to it. So much color filters through for the lyricism. Verses possess a distinct beauty to them for they cascade ever downwards. By ensuring that every single element radiates off into the distance the songs draw from a dreamy, surreal sensibility.

A strut of sorts starts things up with majesty on “Love is”. Strings lilt in a lovely fashion with “Ah Tournesol” with the pieces featuring the right amount of yearning. Buildup feels fantastic with “On Your Bond”. Rhythms have a ramshackle style as “The Swimming Song” keeps up with a spry demeanor. “Petite Annonce Amoureuse” has a classic timelessness to it. Driving on through the night “Red Rocking Chair” absolute radiates good cheer. With a cinematic flair they roll on through drawing from spaghetti western soundtracks, all the way down to the electric guitar. “I Eat Dinner” captures a dramatic flair with the utmost of care. Restrained and elegant “Heart Like A Wheel” radiates so much love. Pastoral to its core “Green Rocky Road” has a kindness about it. Neatly tying all that came before it together is the thoughtfulness of “Mendocino”.


“Tant Le Monde” shows off the impressive storytelling of Kate & Anna McGarrigle for they craft a world that becomes fully impressive.