Tahls Presents New EP ‘Life Is Weird’

Tahls employs pure indie pop elegance on “Life Is Weird”. Sounds feel lighter than air for they waft on up into the very sky. Melodically rich the many different layers interact to create a magical atmosphere. Everything about it has a grace. Rhythms embrace a gentle pastoral bliss. By allowing each flourish plenty of time to roam, the songs are able to explore every detail in full. Genre-wise, they incorporate elements of dream pop, shoegaze, ambient, and drone. Vocals feel ethereal for they radiate such an affectionate stance. Together the two pieces work in unison to create this purposeful, deliberate atmosphere.

On “Such Life” they bring a classical balance to the sound. The intimacy of his voice makes it feel as if the listener is right there with him. His vocals have a profound yearning to them. With this sense of being there the song has a gentle grace to it. Easily the highlight of the collection comes with the multi-faceted, multi-suite style of “Around We Go”. From quiet to loud, the ebb and flow of the experience has a visceral quality to it. Volume is a given for when they go, they go hard. In particular the middle section of the song makes it quite joyous, for all the tension that came before is alleviated. Afterwards, there is a newfound sense of purpose that brings the rest of the work to a close.


“Life Is Weird” shows off Tahls’ range, going all the way from quiet and subdued to pure cathartic release.