Review: Gary Pratt – ‘Sounds Like Whiskey To Me’

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan
Evolution Music Press

With a blend of contemporary and classic Country voicings, Gary Pratt utilizes the intricate stylings and instrumentation of the genre to create an exclusive approach. With his latest single; Sounds Like Whiskey To Me, Gary Pratt delivers a Country jam that listeners can party to, a theme provided throughout the Something Worth Remembering album feeling. Sounds Like Whiskey To Me is a blues-infused groove that incorporates a call-and-response style where the guitar melodies accompany the vocals to fill the listening space and act as a harmonizing element that provides more profound overtones to fill out the sound. The impressive guitar work, adding in the colorful fills on each cadence gives Sounds Like Whiskey To Me an almost choral sound. What is really the most appreciative element of this track is the contrast to the more morose themes throughout the Something Worth Remembering album that allows listeners to sit back and have a drink, and listen to great music. Of course, in the Gary Pratt songwriting style, Sounds Like Whiskey To Me is filled with metaphor and imagery which leads the audience into a more philosophical approach to a theme; “She’s out of sight and out of mind, I laugh and dance to closing time, if someone mentions her name, it Sounds Like Whiskey To Me.”

Since the album Something Worth Remembering release, Gary Pratt has accumulated well over 100k streams, and thousands of views, making this album quite the success in the streaming age. With another single release, we can expect these numbers to grow exponentially. Sounds Like Whiskey To Me captures that classic yet contemporary Country feel, and with that general malaise that is plaguing the world these days, it is great to have a track that we can escape with, and have a drink to forget our troubles to. This is a track that would fit very nicely on any Country commercial radio playlist, the party vibe coupled with the infectious rhythms and sing-along lyrics make this single destined for great success. So when you are “having one of those days when nothing is going my way, the boss will chew and spit me out, don’t even know what it’s about”, it really does Sounds Like Whiskey To Me.