Emily Jaworski Koriath and Tad Koriath Present New Album ‘These Distances Between Us: 21st Century Songs of Longing’

A clever intersection of classical meets the avant-garde, Emily Jaworski Koriath & Tad Koriath develop their own musical language on “These Distances Between Us: 21st Century Songs of Longing”. The songs build off each other for there is a kaleidoscopic aspect to the way they quickly work through so many different textures. With a keen attention to detail the pieces feel completely immersive, as the electronic and the acoustic blend together effortlessly to create this rather lovely presence.

Piano gets pounded before breaking down into fractals on “The Giver of Stars (6 Poems of Amy Lowell): No. 1, Pyrotechnics” with her voice soaring up into the heavens. Lyrical chords get woven together with the tender touches of “The Giver of Stars (6 Poems of Amy Lowell): No. 4, The Giver of Stars”. On here she lets the song’s space and decay of sound work to imply vast open spaces. “2 Letters of Sulpicia (Version for Voice & Electronics): No. 1, -“ has an otherworldly presence thanks in large part to the rather creative electronics that filter into the fray. Rather compassionate “4 Songs of John Charles McNeill: No. 1, A Prayer” makes sure to hold nothing back. Extreme tension frames the anxious “These Distances between Us: II. The Flight”. Cleverly mixing the real and imagined together “3 Rilke Songs: No. 1, If Only for Once” has a mystery to it. Quite sublime “3 Rilke Songs: No. 3, God Speaks to Us” ends things on a blissful, ambient note.

“These Distances Between Us: 21st Century Songs of Longing” holds absolutely nothing back for Emily Jaworski & Tad Koriath are exceptional explorers, infusing emotion into their rather wild journeys.