Jen Fodor Presents “Love Struck Baby”

Jen Fodor is an unstoppable talent in the creative field. Starting her Hollywood career as a film/tv producer, she worked alongside icons like Spike Jonze, Foo Fighters, and on-screen celebrity talents such as Jennifer Aniston, Cardi B, and Paris Hilton. Through working closely with industry professionals, Jen Fodor decided to try her hand at songwriting. She found an incredible ability to create soft, ethereal soundscapes that exude a sense of lighthearted playfulness and vibrance. She has traversed across all genres from rock, pop, and country to bring upbeat tempos and infectious choruses to the main stage in songs like “Saturday” and “Front Row” with Nadia Vaeh. Now, Jen Fodor is stepping up to the mic in her highly anticipated track “Love Struck Baby,” where she shows off her beautiful powerhouse vocals.

Capturing the innocence of young love, Jen Fodor taps into the memories of the thrilling realization that you have truly fallen for someone in “Love Struck Baby.” Jen Fodor’s sugary sweet vocals float over the electronic textures and synths, resulting in a catchy, high-energy track. The music video is a pop of color, with the artist rocking a gorgeous jacket adorned with metallic streamers. Kelly Yvonne – the creative genius behind FKA twigs’ “Cellophane” and Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” videos – choreographed the dance routine, giving it a modern twist while maintaining a classic feel. This video is sure to have you firing off your feet and dancing to the addicting beat.

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