Dude Reppin Knowhere Presents “Sneaky Style”

Undefined by a genre or style, Dude Reppin Knowhere proudly fuses sounds that span across the precision-hitting East Coast bars, dirty South rap, all the way to Eastern European phonk. His music is a melting pot of all the world’s unique sounds, allowing for a multidimensional discography. Dude Reppin Nowhere’s 5-track EP Space Activated highlights how the artist is untethered to modernity and is truly on a plane of his own. Each track juxtaposes the last, switching between bumping beats and soothing synthesizers, all layered with infectious lyrics that elevate the artist’s creative genius.

Dude Reppin Knowhere takes listeners on a trip back to the 80s in his “Sneaky Style” music video. With fast-paced lyrics and an infectious chorus, the song is an addicting listen. Dude Reppin Knowhere exudes a strong sense of confidence and swagger, but don’t let it fool you, as the artist has a down-to-earth disposition that will have you doing a double take. The music video is a burst of energy and vibrancy that shows off the Dude Reppin Knowhere’s unique sense of style that inspired the song. It is an upbeat summer song that reminds listeners to kick back and not take life too seriously.

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