‘Always Be’ – The first single from David Harper’s new EP

David Harper is a worshiper, lover, outdoor enthusiast, husband, and father of two living in the Nashville, TN, area in The USA. David began playing guitar at 14, and his love for music grew as life moved forward.

After talking to a friend, he realized Nashville would be the best place to fine-tune his craft and pursue his passion. He landed a job working in the studio with Greg Bieck (Hall and Oates), and doors began to open slowly. Years go by, and the pursuit of a dream lives on. Life is sweet, loving Jesus, connecting others to the Creator, and making music that inspires the spirit in us all.

David’s singles ‘Always Be’ and ‘Lord You’re All I Want’ from the album ‘Always Be’ are a fresh but spirit-lifting breeze in the Contemporary Christian genre. Excellent production combined with praise and worship genuinely pulls the listener to listen to these two new singles and want to hear more from this artist!

Stay tuned!