@skopemag Review: Nonstop to Cairo “Awkward Situations”

A wild, confrontational style reigns supreme for Nonstop to Cairo holds nothing back with “Awkward Situations”. Volume is more than a must it is an absolute given. Riffs rage for the fury felt on here is palpable. The old school style of their tact is strangely infectious. Not overstaying their welcome either they make sure to keep things lean and mean. Somehow the drummer manages to keep things at this breakneck pace for the entirety of the journey with every twist and turn adding to the utmost sense of chaos about the whole thing. Lyrics are screamed and manage to rise above the din.

The buildup is non-existent for they dive headfirst into the thick of things. Never letting up they go all into this sense of true gnarled guitar riffs for they bounce against each other. Plenty of attention to detail ensures that they have a degree of power behind them with not a single moment wasted. By making sure that the song keeps its density it gives the listener a lot to unpack. Tempos are given lots of energy with which to race through the whole of the proceedings. Verses play off each other. Interplay amongst the band feels wonderful. Done with the greatest amount of dignity the rest of the song churns about in a perfect way, for the song ends in a wonderful way.

Nonstop to Cairo race through the track length on the chaotic series of suites that is “Awkward Situations”.