@skopemag Q&A Featuring Iva Toric

@skopemag – Where are we talking from today and how is summer 2022 going?

I’m writing from my home studio in San Francisco, CA. 2022 is going great! I’ve had to be careful with Covid because I have some health problems, so with cases dwindling it has been nice to see friends and travel again.

@skopemag: How many hours per week do you put into playing music and promotion?

Well I play music every day in one way or another and I try to do things that feed my creative energy. Thankfully I have a wonderful team that helps me with the promotion side of things so I can focus on music.

@skopemag: What is the newest project that you have out now or coming out soon and how can we
watch or listen online?

My 3rd single from my sophomore album will be out September 9th and we are making a rad lyric video to go with it. It’s called Trust Fall.

My 4th single called “Shadow” is in the works with a large production music video. It should be ready by the beginning of 2023. You’ll be able to hear everything new and old on Bandcamp, YouTube, my socials, and all the streaming services.

@skopemag: What kind of mood and/or environment do you feel most creative when writing songs or performing?

I like feeling grounded when I write, and my yoga practice helps with that. So does therapy! It also helps tremendously when I’ve had a boost to my self esteem and I’m feeling confident. I tend to write most when I’m in a good mental health space.

As for performing – any chance I get to perform gives me a boost and makes me feel connected to other people. The act of performing influences my mood in a deeply positive way. I’ve missed it during the pandemic.

@skopemag: When you are not making music – what other hobbies and work do you have going on?

I’m always in the middle of a book. Reading is the love of my life second only to music. Makeup is high on the list too. I love transforming my face and working with color, shape, and light. I also enjoy rock climbing, yoga, hiking/ walking, and vegan cooking. I’m a bit of a kitchen witch.

@skopemag: What artist/band has had the most profound inspiration on you and why?

That’s always a hard question for me because my taste in music is extremely broad. I love rap, r&b, death metal, alternative/90s grunge, 70’s prog rock, 80’s pop, and singer songwriter, so I’m really all over the place. That being said, I have two band’s lyrics tattooed on me: Tool and Katatonia. So make of that what you will. I’m not sure I can explain it.

@skopemag: What would you like to accomplish for the rest of 2022?

I’m taking it one project at a time! I’m going to try and play some shows hopefully and write some more music. In the meantime, I’m recording myself playing some of my favorite cover songs – one take just me and keys. No tricks, no auto tune, just what you’d hear if I played for you on a stage. Those are all available on YouTube and my socials and I’m always posting new ones.

@skopemag: Where can readers of @skopemag follow you and stream your music?

ivatoric.com will link you to everything! Bandcamp:


I’m @ivatoric on socials and Iva Toric on all the streaming sites.

Thank you for the interview! It has been really fun to chat.