Heart Touching Birthday Quotes For Son From Mom

The son you have is your most wonderful friend you’ve ever had. He cares for you like your parents took care of you. It’s your birthday and you have to make sure you do something to stand out. If you have two sons, we bet you could use cute quotes for siblings as well.

For your convenience We’ve compiled these touching birthday wishes for sons from his mom. They can be passed on as cards or even a message and he’ll be grateful to you for it. The truth they are vibrant and varied will allow you to determine which one is suitable for your needs.

Check out these sweet son heartfelt birthday quotes from mom to son and send him your best wishes with the style of your choice. It is possible to use heart touching birthday quotes for son and demonstrate the importance he plays in your life.

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Son from Mom and Dad

1. Dear son Today is your special day! I am so grateful and blessed to be able to call you my son. Happy Birthday!

2. My dear boy, you are the reason we’re celebrating! With joy We are sing Happy Birthday!

3. Happy Birthday to the greatest present and most joyful person in our lives! There’s no limit on the love we have for you!

4. You’re an amazing person and deserve a great life. We will always stand by you My son. I wish you a happy birthday. I love you to the core.

5. We wish you the most wonderful birthday ever! You are a true precious member of our family, and you are aware of it well. Enjoy every moment of this day to its max.

6. You are a blessing to me, my son and the world rejoices! Happy Birthday!

Dear Son Heartfelt Birthday Quotes For Son From Mom

7. My dear son. You will forever be my most enjoyable joy and delight. I cherish you more than anything else. Happy Birthday!

8. We’ve always been happy for your achievements. Today more than ever our hearts are overflowing with pride because you’ve become a truly remarkable person, full of compassion, love and joy. Happy birthday, dear, dear boy!

9. Have a wonderful birthday to my wonderful son! You are the light and strength of my life. You inspires me every day. I am forever grateful for you!

10. Happy birthday, my son! You’ll always have my heart. I am so grateful for you!

11. Your dear child, you show an amount of maturity that I am feel proud to be your mom! I wish you a happy birthday worthy of your thoughtful and thoughtful character

12. May God bless you with another bright year of happiness and proud of every single day. We wish you a Happy Birthday and lots of Love your way!

13. Thank you for your wonderful day Dear! You’re such an amazing person. We treasure all the wonderful moments we have with you.

14. Happy Birthday. You’re clever, funny and thoughtful. And best of all, an amazing son! Wishing you a fantastic day full of presents and tasty desserts.

Heartfelt, Heartfelt Birthday Quotes To Son from Mom

15. I am so thankful to know that God has blessed me with an identical son to you. Have a wonderful year ahead and a happy birthday Dear son! We love you so much!

16. You’re an amazing person who deserves a great life. We will always be with you my son. I wish you a very Happy birthday.

17. At the time you came into my life, I was unable to imagine how much you’d come to represent to me. You’re my everything. I wish your special day to be full of unimaginable beauty. Happy Birthday!

18. We wish a Happy Birthday to our wonderful son. We hope that all of your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled!

19. It is said”love is the only thing you require… Therefore, I didn’t give you the present you wanted this time. I cherish you! Happy birthday, son!

20. Happy birthday, son. My birthday wish to you is that every year brings you more insight; more hopes; more laughter and many more wishes.

21. Thank you for your kind words. hope many wonderful and happy events will come your way in the coming year. My heartfelt love and best wishes will be with you always! I wish you a very happy birthday!

22. We’re blessed to have a wonderful son who is like you. You’ve always been an illuminating source of light to us. Happy birthday, son!

23. When I consider that I’d like you to be closer to us, when your birthday is coming up, we meet at your home and I get to see your family. And then, all distances disappear… I wish you a happy Birthday, my boy!

24. Happy Birthday to my lovely son! Whatever size your stature or the distance you travel I will be there alongside you.

Sending Birthday Wishes from Long Distance for Son

25. As soon as they threw me in your arms, you sank to my chest. Happy Birthday baby boy!

26. Thank you for a wonderful son who’s beautiful, smart and charming. He is truly wonderful. Enjoy your day, sweet boy!

27. Every year on you birthday, I am reminded of the day I first saw your voice. This was by far the most wonderful memory of my existence… Thank you for sharing it with me. Happy Birthday Son!

28. Happy Birthday, kiddo! The fact that you are growing into an adult and learn lots makes me feel proud to be your mama!

29. My very favorite day is here! Happy Birthday to my son who is hilarious clever, smart, and brave. He helps the stars shine brighter!

30. The day you entered our lives, it was the most special day of our lives. We met the angel of our lives on that beautiful day. We wish you a blessed and an amazing future!

31. When the birthday cake arrives placed on the table, light the candles and wish the cake! Happy Birthday!

32. I wish that this year’s birthday marks the start of a memorable trip that will take you to a more exciting future. Always remember to make wishes and dreams.

33. You’re growing more and more taller with each birthday. We are glad that you’re showing some indication of maturing. Happy birthday, son.

34. Happy birthday son! I’m committing to sing even at the party to you!

35. The words aren’t enough to describe how incredibly I am to have your son as my own. I am so grateful for you. You are the reason I live my life. Happy birthday, son.

36. Happy birthday, son! We’ve seen you develop into a remarkable man. Let the year ahead go on to surpass your expectations!

37. We send our best wishes to the most beautiful Son of all time. We wish for you to remain Valiant and unstoppable throughout your life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

38. At the time you came into my life, I was unable to know what you were to me. You’re everything to me. Wish your birthday be filled with plenty of delights and wonderful memories. Happy birthday son!

39. I wish you a very happy birthday of the most loved son of all time. We wish you the best happiness as well as love and prosperity in your life.

40. Parents are so happy when they see the little boy they once held in their arms is now finding his way through the world. Happy Birthday, we’re very proud of you.

Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

41. You made a difference in the world when you first arrived. It’s a blur of time. have become bigger and stronger, however, you’ll always remain my little girl.

42. Your presence is the main reason that I wake up each morning of the year. Your presence gives my day significance and meaning. I love you, son. Happy Birthday!

43. No matter if you’re an teen or an elderly male, your character will remain our tiny child of joy. Happy birthday, son.

44. As a child I knew that you’d be a great male, however I never imagined that you would be the extraordinary person you’ve become. Happy Birthday!

45. You are loved by everyone for the intelligent kid who you’re, as well as the charming individual you’ll grow into and the amazing son you will be forever! Enjoy your Big Day!

46. Dear son, you’re the most wonderful home run. Happy Birthday.

47. Thank you for being the greatest son of all time! You’re a rock star and you’re sure of that! Celebrate. Enjoy yourself And keep in mind that we are so grateful for you!

48. Son regardless of what age you turn I will always consider you my little prince. Hope you have a fantastic birthday.

49. The sitcom that was our childhood has become a blockbuster success when you played an supporting role and later assumed the lead role. Happy birthday, sonny.

50. You’ll remain my sunshine forever, my sweet angel. I love you very much! Happy birthday, son!

51. We’re blessed to have a fantastic son as you. Happy birthday, kiddo!

52. Son, you’re our greatest blessing. We wish you a happy birthday, and that every day of your

life be blessed with all the good things in life!

53. A son is a love lasting for the rest of his life. I will always cherish you, my sweetheart. Happy Birthday.

54. I would like to wish that you “Happy birthday” from the deepest of my hearts Dear boy. It’s an absolute happiness to be a parent.

Birthday Wishes for Little Son

55. You become wiser every year. Sooner or later, you’ll become just as smart as I am. Happy birthday, son

56. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! I hope you enjoy yourself at your birthday party and enjoy plenty of cake!

57. You are always able to bring me joy and joy. I would love to be present on your birthday to hold you close in person But be assured that my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

58. Son… We may not be able to say it every day however today is the perfect time to express our gratitude to you for the is a wonderful gift to us. Happy Birthday Son.

59. Our little one, you will always remain. A part of our hearts You will always be. The apple of our eye and you will remain that way. The reason we live is to always be. Happy birthday, sonny.

60. There’s nothing more exciting or rewarding than seeing your growth and transform into an incredible person. We wish you a happy birthday!

61. Happy birthday, child of a truly lovely lady that deserves to be treated with respect!

62. Son… you make each day look similar to Mother’s Day. Happy Birthday.

63. You’re not just my son. You’re my life, heart, my soul and most importantly the reason of my existence. Happy birthday my darling.

64. I want to hug you today You’ve been an excellent boy in recent times! It’s also your birthday!

65. We wish God fill all your needs and desires in this wonderful world, and help you become a happy boy. We are extremely satisfied with you. Happy birthday, dear son!

66. We have the most courageous and most powerful boy around to light these candles! Happy Birthday!

67. Today is your day to be special! I’m sending many kisses and huggs to my precious boy.

68. You are always worthy of the things you’ve built, but this night, we’re thrilled to see you smiling so much.

69. May God bless your life filled with health, happiness and abundance. We can’t wait for and see what amazing items you’ll bring to the world. Happy birthday, son