Adina Howard Releases Official Music Video “KEEP LOOKIN”

Adina Howard is a famed award-winning multi-platinum singer, songwriter, legend, and American icon. Her 90s hit single “Freak Like Me”, album “Do You Wanna Ride?” and cult favorite T-shirt and panties gave rise to a queen and made Adina Howard a global household name. She is revered as one of the pioneers of sexual expression in urban music today.

Adina Howard has streamed her way through speakers more than 239 million times and counting. The impact Ms. Howard has left on the music industry is truly indelible. Not only did she break through barriers, she ignored them. Her artistic contributions changed the soundscape and optics in the urban music genre and left a multi-platinum blueprint for her successors.

Adina’s music continues to influence, with artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Teyana Taylor, and Ella Mai tapping into her discography.

Ms. Howard continues to astonish the masses with her captivating allure and chameleon-like-style. Adina takes to the stage more than 40 times a year and entertains audiences worldwide with her tried and true classics and new hit music. Adina Howard continues to turn doubters into believers with her staying power. Giving her the ability to seamlessly remain relevant in an ever-changing industry.