Agaapi New Single ‘Flying Feeling’

Agaapi embraces a lighter-than-air ambiance on the sunny “Flying Feeling.” The aptly named track has a whimsy to it, one that feels outright lovely. Without needing to say a single word, an entire narrative comes into view. Melodies waft on by as if in a fantastic cloud. Agaapi makes sure to employ a pulsing groove, one that underpins the entirety of the piece helping to drive it forward. Soothing to the ears, the electronic dance aspect emerges with such a reverent sense of awe.

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Mere wisps of sound enter into the fray, for there is a hushed quality in the first few moments. As the rest of the sound enters, the focus becomes quite steady. The dreamy quality definitely does borrow in part from elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and its ilk. Everything about it figures prominently as the song progresses. There is no falling action either for the final stretch; rather, the work seems to evaporate away.

“Flying Feeling” revels in the undeniable strength of Agaapi’s musical skills, and it won’t be surprising to see him become a household name soon.

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