The New York metropolitan based electronic multi-fusion gang, Elektragaaz, takes a break from its current ongoing series of EPs to offer fans on August 12 a massive new single, “Armadas of the Milky Way”, a nearly nine minute space epic that both recalls an earlier era of space rock (think early Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls of the Heart of the Sun”) and also points toward  the future with a new kind of progressive indietronica, mixing classic and rock flavors with just a touch of Bitpop.

“Armadas of the Milky Way ” was penned by Elektragaaz’s principal composer Poppo Redband, a young Dutch composer who also contributed the electronic core of the music. The song was further powered by an ultra-talented group of New York instrumentalists performing under the pseudonyms of Tom Elektron, Josh Firebow, Kathy Kaos, Kosmic Kate, Mat Thunder and Jas Windstorm.

The five EPs in the ongoing The Synaesthetic Picture Show series released prior to the release of “Armadas” have been greeted with a chorus of critical praise,  describing the EPs as musical “landmarks” and extolling the music as “ground breaking”. That series will come to an end with a sixth and final EP to be released this fall. In the meantime, this big, bold and adventurous single will give Elektragaaz’s growing legion of fans plenty to chew on.