Waterofelegance Presents “My First Love”

Water is purifying, and all living things require it to survive every day. The same can be said about the R&B and jazz stylings from Waterofelegance. In an online interview, she said, “My music is like water — hydrating and refreshing for the mind and spirit.” Add a dash of her evident elegance, and her name choice is made as clear as the ocean blue. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Waterofelegance took to music as young as six years old. She released her first song, “Kiss,” amidst the pandemic in 2020. Since then, her confidence has soared with her talents and artistic individuality recognized by stars including Shanice and Montell Jordan. Without a doubt, Waterofelegance’s most recent single, “My First Love,” is promising to keep making people’s heads turn.

The song is a complete love story, recounting the key moments that brought Waterofelegance and her life partner together more than 20 years ago. She opens up about the whens and hows they met, the butterflies in her stomach seeing him across the classroom and experiencing their unforgettable first kiss alone in the backseat. The euphonious, untroubled backing track embodies R&B, while Waterofelegance’s vocal delivery ties in with the whimsically spontaneous R&B / Soul Jazzy style. In tandem, the distinctive internal feelings of falling in love exude from “My First Love.” It accurately depicts the layers of emotion as well as the lack of fear in putting your heart out there Welcoming Everybody into her World, which is also personified by Waterofelegance’s musical endeavors entirely. Putting on Waterofelegance will brighten your soul like sunshine brightens The sky.

Ultimately, Waterofelegance saw the “My First Love” visual as the perfect opportunity to feature her husband in her work. With such a personal single, can you blame her? Their on-screen chemistry and affection breathe life into this music video for the song illustrating their romance from then to now. In the dramatic colored lighting, she sings “My First Love” from her heart, taking to the microphone like she owns it and performing as if the room were filled with her adoring fans. Until the final cheers of their champagne glasses, Waterofelegance and her lover will make you fall in love with them, with this song, and with the rest of her influential music.

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