The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is quickly gaining new fans with its impressive country-spiced debut: “That’s All I’m Saying”

Country music is often not a genre that people think of when it comes to innovation and open-mindedness. After all, the genre is often synonymous with classic, timeless songs that are steep in tradition! However, something magical can happen when artists are able to soak in such a traditional approach and repurpose it in a more unique way. If you want to hear an example of how this can happen, you should check out The Bobby Tenderloin Universe and its most recent studio release, “That’s All I’m Saying.” The performance is fun and energetic, and it is a fantastic combination of traditional “country comfort” and colorful innovation, which is always a rather unique combination when it comes to this style of music.

Check out “That’s All I’m Saying” and stay tuned for more music from The Bobby Tenderloin Universe! This debut is most definitely a fantastic indication of great things to come.

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