Hannah Gold New Video “You Did This”

Taking her first steps into adulthood, Hannah Gold jumped from Port Washington, New York, to Los Angeles, California, to begin her college journey and pursue a professional career as an artist. She shows undeniable talent as a singer-songwriter and was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, keeping her motivated to chase after her dreams and aspirations in music and beyond. Now 23 years old, she has found her distinctive style and crafted a unique fusion genre blending pop, R&B, and rap/hip-hop in each release. Her three existing singles have collected hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and have their fair share of music video views on YouTube. The likeliness of this trend continuing is quite high, with Gold describing her latest release, “You Did This,” to be “a bad b*tch girl’s anthem” that will be painfully understandable yet absolutely empowering for those who are too familiar with her situation.

Put yourself in Gold’s shoes: Two years into a blissful relationship, it’s decided that they will maintain their developing romance through long-distance dating. As if this adjustment isn’t difficult enough, while life is pushing and pulling her into uncharted directions, her significant other cheats. Flustered, distraught, and heartbroken, Gold needed to pick up her broken pieces and learn to overcome this devastating adversity. “You Did This” takes place after she has recovered and fallen head over heels in love with herself, regaining her strength, confidence, and self-worth. Ultimately, the song calls out the ex-partner for his faults and the aftermath of the relationship, as Gold embraces her full awareness that he is the one missing out on all that she could have given him if he were loyal. It is about Gold moving on and taking power back, never tolerating such harrowing, traitorous behavior from anyone again. For listeners, “You Did This” will help them heal their wounds and pain felt amidst this regrettably common occurrence, guiding them to see their value and let them know they are not alone.

The “You Ain’t Sh!t Cam” captures everything. Catching him in the act and biting their bait, Gold’s willing accomplices hijack him once the needed evidence is secured. The music video’s plot takes off from there. Gold interrogates him showing no remorse for setting the trap, and he cannot sweet talk his way out of these evident offenses. Cutting off his arrogance, denial, and disrespect, she forces him to own up to it through each deep-cutting lyric and validated action by her and her posse. Gold’s ability to hold her own and manage her post-breakup feelings are on clear display, and “You Did This” has a visual storyline that aligns so well with the theme that it will have viewers playing it on loop in no time.

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