@skopemag Review – Alex Krawczyk Present ‘Better Days’

Soft sweet country songs are the bread and butter of the genre, and for many artists it’s the songwriting equivalent of comfort food. This is especially the case for one Alex Krawczyk, a country pop singer who’s been making music for the past 3 years now. Her new single, “Better Days,” is a song of healing, and we’re going to give it a closer look in our full review.

First thing’s first, “Better Days,” is an extremely fun, light and catchy song. From the very first note, the positive vibes come through, and it’s pleasant to listen to. The melodies are nice and light, as the acoustic guitar and piano seamlessly blend together to make for a soothing sound. Layers of sound are gently added, giving the song some depth and complexity without losing out on its simplicity.

The writing here is also on point, getting across a positive message of always looking forward to better days. Sometimes, bad things may happen, but with faith and positive thinking, it’s always possible to breakthrough negativity and live on towards something better. It’s a good message, and one that many people need to hear in these demure times.

Alex Krawczyk’s delivery matches here the tone of the song perfectly. There’s a heavier emphasis on the more comforting aspects of her voice, being soft and soothing. As we listened, we found ourselves getting immersed in the overall tone and vibe, which is very pleasant. Her singing is incredibly pretty, and the excellent production on the song helps it stand out. We’ve truly got nothing to complain about with this single, it’s just a nice and comforting piece of art.

Overall, “Better Days,” is exactly what it says on the tin, a song that’s soft, enjoyable and cleanly produced. Listening to it is like chicken soup for the soul, it’s calming and soothing in all the best ways. As we said earlier, “Better Days,” was written as a part of the singer songwriter Alex Krawczyk’s healing process, and this comes through quite well.

We recommend any fan of country tinged with catchy pop elements to give the single a listen. It’s comfy in all the best ways, and we really enjoyed our time reviewing it. If it’s comfort food, then this one’s a particularly satisfying serving. It’s sure to give every country fan a nice memory, and stick in your head thanks to just how catchy it is.