3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying RC Car

Radio-controlled cars are miniature cars, vans, buses, trucks, and buggies. These vehicles are controlled by a transmitter or remote from a distance.

Modifying and designing RC cars are popular among all ages. Many people are fond of racing but they couldn’t take part in the real-time race. So, they choose RC cars to fulfill their racing desires. RC cars provide danger-free drive.

Whenever you want to buy an RC car, you think a lot but you couldn’t even reach a specific point. Here in the following blog, we will help you pick a RC car for you.

You Should Consider Speed

RC cars are very fast even though they set the world record at 338.14 km/h on 4 May 2016. You can find the car with an average speed of 50 orn60km/h. Even you can afford 100km/h to some extent. But top speed sometimes doesn’t matter. You can buy 4wd rc cars online if you want to control them easily at a higher speed.

But if you are a racer, you should opt according to the speed. If you just want to use it for a hobby, you can buy a car with a speed of 50km/h that will be enough for you and it will work easily and quickly on all terrains.

Size of Car

As you know, RC cars come in sizes of 1/16th, 1/10th, 1/8th, and 1/5th. There are also mini vehicles in 1/28th and 1/64th sizes. For instance, a 1/16th car means it will be one-sixteenth of the length, width, and height of a real car.

If you are just buying for general use, you should buy the most common size of 1/10th. If you go for a big RC car, it will cost too high. Besides that, buying a standard-size car is cost-effective as well as you can find spare parts easily from the market.

Electric versus Nitro

There are two types of power sources for RC cars- electric and fuel.

Electric RC Cars

If you are just a beginner, you should choose electric cars because they are cheaper and easier to use. They have little noise when operating. Besides that, you don’t need to prepare the car before operating if you have an electric car. But fuel RC cars make a lot of noise and you know noise pollution is not considered a good thing.

In the electric car, you don’t need to change the battery in many models, but if you do need to change the batteries, you should buy rechargeable batteries for your car. Normally, a 7.2volt battery with 1800 mAh capacity is used in RC cars.

Fuel RC Cars

Fuel RC cars are powered by nitro fuel. These types of RC cars are fast and strong. This fuel is easily available but they create a lot of noise. If you are living alone or farther from your neighbors, you should choose these faster cars.

No doubt, fuel is cheap but you have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of cars. Besides that, you have to change the fuel every time before use. As fuel-powered cars are faster than electric cars, fuel-powered cars get damaged more quickly.

The above-mentioned are three basic things you should consider before buying RC cars if you want to enjoy the race or drive.