New Video By The Roughhousers “Chicken Fingers”

For those who have been acquainted with The Roughhousers, there is unanimous agreement on a few keywords: fun, entertaining, silly, animated, creative, humorous, and of course, talented. It is hard to believe this rockabilly duo just premiered their musical stylings with “Princess Mike” in April 2022. They have shown no let-up since. Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening have released an extensive set of singles, reimagining children’s music with each witty new track. Not long after their debut, The Roughhousers’ “Azucar” covered kids’ love for all things sugar. Their latest song, “Chicken Fingers,” focuses on another classic childhood food with a tune sure to please the young and the young at heart.

Think back to the ’60s, when The Strangeloves gave the world the top-charting hit “I Want Candy.” This ever-popular classic has been covered by many other artists decades later, and no matter what version plays, the song continues to excite children and adults today. Sound familiar? That is because inherently, The Roughhousers have the same timeless qualities and similar sound with “Chicken Fingers.” There are no musical bounds by age while offering a savory — rather than sweet — boogie-woogie melody and catchy instrumental. DeLisle was inspired to write this single by her 5-year-old daughter, who wondered how chickens get by without their delicious fingers. So, in The Roughhousers’ usual fashion, the lyrics explore various comedic scenarios in which the fictional, feathered, and fingerless animals find themselves in consequently.

The Roughhousers love for chicken fingers is plain to see in the accompanying “Chicken Fingers” visual. In the first half of the video, much of DeLisle’s vocals are delivered through a rubber chicken “microphone,” and in the second half, she continues to sing and dance with a chicken mask while continuing to wave the rubber chicken around with great delight. Don’t worry – Clendening gets some time rocking the chicken mask too. The Roughhousers eventually perform in an animated diner, aptly named after the band and the title food held in the highest regard here. Finally, there are animated chickens everywhere. If this video doesn’t make you crave chicken fingers, nothing will.

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