Singer Carole Sylvan Releases “Something Goin’ On”

A full rich sound rises up from Carole Sylvan on her stellar “Something Goin’ On”. Every track builds off the last resulting in a collection best taken in as a singular whole. Her range on here is something to be admired for she holds absolutely nothing back. From the jaunty grooves to the slower jams, all of it comes together in a way that feels almost literary. By making sure that the songs have a delicate balance to them they bloom with color. Horns here are a fine addition with their fanfare punctuating many of the pieces.

The incredible opener “Savin’ up for Your Love (feat. The Uptown Horns)” start things off with a blast. Organs a blazing, the drums with that right amount of giddiness, all of it comes together to create this wild style. Upon her voice entering into the scene, well that just brings it to the next level. By far the highlight of the collection the song is truly divine. Funky vibes roll through on the title track “Something Goin’ On”. Here the tempos are rolled back a little bit with the piece having a mellowed temperament. With a nice gospel quality “Show Me” has an introspective aspect to it, featuring lyrics that tell a whole story. Ending things on a high note the nimble grooves of “You Can Make It If You Try” blasts on through.

“Something Goin’ On” shows off the wild and generous spirit of Carole Sylvan for her personality is so invigorating.