Real Close Up: Annie Minogue Band

Esteemed Annie Minogue Band bring us all new single ‘real close up’ to support the release of their album ‘Suburbia’.

With an in your face attitude and a gutsy back beat, this track sets us up perfectly for the rest of the album. Reminiscent of bands like The Rolling Stones, AMB have a sound that is undoubtedly comfortable in the rock genre. The punchy snare and distorted electric guitar lend a hand to enveloping the rock feel throughout the track.

This 5-piece band complement each other powerfully and work to ensure the vocals are not swallowed and cut through the frequent solo’s and riffs. Each and every musician in this track plays a crucial part in aiding to the overall soundscape and it works marvellously.

AMB are no stranger to huge accomplishments such as playing alongside legends of the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, huge entertainment features such as Sony Television, and a multitude of awards including National Artist of the Year. The release of their new album will without doubt be yet another string to their bow.

If ‘real close up’ is anything to go by, I have high hopes for the rest of the album.