Tyler Edwards Releases ‘A Falling Sky’

I can tell when I hear a genuine singer/songwriter and Tyler Edwards fits the bill to a T! ‘A Falling Sky’ is the new, upcoming album from Tyler Edwards and expect high quality material and professional recordings. Tyler Edwards digs deep on the new record and pours his heart & soul into every single song.

A Falling Sky’ kicks off with the lead single, “Highway Dust”, and I’m picking up on a Jakob Dylan-esque tone. The way Tyler Edwards sings and carries a note on “Highway Dust” showed some similarities to that of Jakob Dylan’s vocal stylings. I’m grabbing elements of: folk, soft rock and a splash of alternative on the new single where Tyler gives you a serious sound with a personal touch. Next, the listener will hear “Only After” where you will bear witness to a phenomenal lyricist & excellent storyteller. Tyler Edwards sings with a purpose on “Only After” as he delivers a heartfelt performance complete with a catchy melody. On track three, “Delta”, there’s a slowed-down tempo that works perfectly with Tyler’s delivery and vocals. Easy does it Tyler plays, slow ‘n’ steady wins the race on “Delta”. Next, solid material and heavy substance makes its way up “Sugar Hill”. On track five, “Nobody Dares”, Tyler plays ever so lightly yet the song provides such a powerful impact toward the listener. Tyler Edwards is standing tall and rising high on “Heroes” where one will receive a mighty recording session. On the following number, Tyler paints a vivid landscape on “Long Line” where the setting is crystal clear and the characters come to life. Get ready to take a stroll through the park while taking in “Chaos and Curls” where everything will be A okay. Tyler Edwards ends with a penny for your thoughts on “Wishing Well” where good wishes and shiny, musical coins are being thrown into the airwaves.

A Falling Sky” is due out this Fall, but you can SKOPE out this Album Teaser video in the meantime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyv1MKDD0W8&t=2s. You can also preorder a copy for yourself right here: https://tyleredwardsmusic.com/preorder. Tyler Edwards did a terrific job overall with ‘A Falling Sky’ proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the singer/songwriter world.










By Jimmy Rae (https://skopemag.com/?s=Jimmy+Rae)