Hard Rockers, Fate Will Come, Self-Titled Album Soars on Radio Charts with New Single

Maybe it’s faith…or maybe it’s their impressive hard work ethic and undeniable talent. Either way, the hard rock band Fate Will Come have released an eponymous album that is gaining worldwide airplay traction as several of the album’s hard-rocking, powerful and passionate songs climb the charts. Early out of the gate, digital radio tracker has Fate Will Come’s “Little Liar” at #3 on Top 10 for the Week Banks Radio Australia / Valley FM 98 and “Bitch” at #32 on Top 100 World Indie Music Charts. In the UK, Fate Will Come hit #70 on iTunes Rock Song Chart alongside major acts, and in Canada, Fate Will Come hit #5 on CFBX 92.5 FM and reached #12 on the World Indie Music Charts with Charger. The band’s latest single off the album, “The Cost”, is also taking off on college radio across Canada and quickly becoming a fan favorite. The mellow song explores feelings of brokenness and heartache at the end of a relationship.

“Love can disappear. Gone the next shot. Vaporized feelings. Broken Like Rock. What’s the cost? Our love was lost. That’s the cost.”

About Fate Will Come

Fate Will Come is a collaboration of band members hailing from the U.S. and Canada inspired by the hard rock sounds of the 80’s. Their unique collaboration spans two countries as lead singer Renita lives in Canada and all the other band members live in the USA. Their collaboration has morphed into 100 songs in 2 years! They are driven by passion, energy, nostalgia and the unpredictable. Every song and lyric is kindled by real-life events that share a common universal emotion.

The band is a long-awaited dream collaboration between Renita Zintel and Matt Kirschner. Their unique collaboration spans two countries as Renita lives in Canada, and all the other band members live in the USA. They met on a musicians website Aug 2019 and have written 100 songs together in the last 2 years!

Matt Kirschner plays acoustic and electric guitars, production. He is joined by: Renita Zintel (lead vocals, lyrics guitar); Michael Joe Deal (bassist, guitarist, vocalist, keyboard); Richard Groce (drums and percussion).

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