@skopemag Review – Rob Eberle’s new song “Doubtful”

Rob Eberle delivers an experimental pop brilliance with “Doubtful”. There’s a flexibility here that is absolutely genius. Grooves here feature an elastic quality to them, for he stretches it all out in unexpectedly delirious ways. Everything here is game for getting distorted and distended into pure chaos. Vocals here veer from treated to untreated as they further emphasize the sheer melody of the whole thing. Hooks aplenty reign supreme for there is a loose sensibility to the whole thing, one that feels so comforting. Stylistically he brings together hyper pop, pop, electronica, dance, and more into a singular storyline. By ensuring a wide number of twists and turns dominate the piece it completely throws the listener off in a way that feels highly original.

Volume is a given for he wastes no time in diving into the thick glorious sound. The buildup of the song is one of the finest I’ve heard in a long time. Production here has a glossy sheen to it, for it merges the real and the imagined within the scope of the work. Virtually a kaleidoscopic of tones and colors the piece has a surreal quality to it. Even when he does incorporate acoustic guitar it still feels akin to simply floating away into the sky. All of it works and the keen balance has a delicacy to it for there is an intrinsic beauty to the highly creative atmosphere he sculpts.

Lyricism has a playfulness on Rob Eberle’s joyful “Doubtful”.