New Video By I Am Legend “Top Of The World”

Every single person was put on this earth to achieve greatness in their respective endeavors. For rising R&B, pop, and hip-hop artist I Am Legend, that purpose is to share his exceptional musical art with people everywhere. Born with music in his blood, he grew up watching his mother perform in a church choir. As soon as I Am Legend began taking an interest in singing, she became his paramount influence, role model, and guide in this creative realm. She showed him the way to his favorite, most-fitting genres for his vocal potential, and he has stayed on the grind toward fame and success since. The world met his talent with his debut single, “Roller Coaster,” in 2020. Quite a few of his subsequent releases, “Get It Up,” “HEART BROKEN,” and OUU AHH YEA,” have also been very well-received by his ever-expanding fan base. His motivation? Leaving a legacy that will let him live on for many generations, far past when his time here has expired. His recent release, “Top Of The World,” reflects this lifelong goal to make a name for himself in an artistic, relatable way bound to resonate with anyone who gives his music a chance.

Ultimately, the main takeaway I Am Legend has instilled in this single is not to let anyone tell you what you can and can not do. That includes yourself. This life advice was precisely what ignited I Am Legend’s spark to start taking his music seriously over the past two years, sharing his music with now adoring audiences. For so long before, he was his own biggest obstacle. He did not recognize his uniqueness and natural ability to break through the noise of rappers and wannabe pop stars. Luckily, once again, his mother came through and helped him see it, and from that moment on, he knew he needed to be on top of the world. “Top Of The World” projects this uplifting message, not only to embrace I Am Legend’s personal epiphany to believe and invest in himself and make an impact on the world that will define his legacy but to inspire others to do the same.

I Am Legend’s performance in the “Top Of The World” exudes his utmost confidence and satisfaction with his current life status and the upward direction of his soaring career. In a dark room, spotlights and lasers illuminate I Am Legend singing and dancing with model Leslie Zulay. He keeps you hooked and hanging onto his every word with his intrinsic connectivity to the viewers beyond the camera lens and screens from start to finish. Overall, I Am Legend is taking the music industry and world by storm with his beaming personality and unrelenting hunger for brilliance and virtuosity in all he pursues.