7 Remote Jobs That Allow Business Travel


The landscape of employment changed in 2020. Employers found out that remote working is possible. Moreover, employment-seekers have different expectations than their predecessors. 

America’s labor market had already experienced an evolution. During the financial crisis of 2008, Tina Brown from the New Yorker received credit for coining the term “gig economy” in 2009.

Keep in mind that before gig work became mainstream, interior designers, home improvement professionals, and models, among others, had already worked as independent contractors. 

In 2022, the labor market reflects several innovations from 2008 and on. Therefore, it’s possible to find remote work that allows professionals to travel. 

Let’s look at seven remote jobs that allow business travel too.

1. Sales

The most common remote Louisville entry level job that allows business travel is sales. Before the internet and eCommerce, companies hired door-to-door salesmen. They sold household appliances, newspaper subscriptions, and encyclopedias.

Now, professionals in the sales field employ more tactics. They also dominate the labor market. Research shows that 1.57 million sales representatives work for wholesale and manufacturing companies. Almost one more million represent other services and sectors.

In addition, some work as inside sales reps and the others as outside. Outside sales reps are the ones who work remotely and as road warriors.

Salespeople incur several expenses on the road. If part of their job is to woo potential and current clients, they need to know what the company will reimburse. Therefore, cover the corporate travel policy with them regularly.

2. Consulting

Consulting is another common career that allows working away from the office and travel. 

Deloitte became responsible for adding $600 million to the business travel sector in 2019. The company consults, advises, and audits tax matters. 

Consulting opportunities include:

  • Operations management strategy
  • Human resources
  • Financial
  • Marketing

It’s easier for consultants to travel to their clients instead of vice versa. Thus, plenty of opportunities exist for those who wish to enter this sector.

Like sales, every sector benefits from consulting services.

3. Computer and IT

Corporations and enterprises have adopted technology in such high numbers that computer and IT professionals can work remotely and travel. 

While computer and IT solutions providers can deliver services over video conferencing and remotely, sometimes they must travel to their clients – it’s easier to program a network of computers, troubleshoot issues, and train staff by traveling to their location. 

4. Territory Managers

Companies that have several storefronts, offices, or restaurant locations employ territory managers. It allows the corporate team to keep tabs on its subsidiaries, franchises, and locations through a few on-site contacts.

Territory managers have a hands-on role in quality control, training, and creating consistent results. Therefore, they work remotely and travel often.

5. Education and Training

Once a company reaches corporate and enterprise status, they employ over 500 employees and see a minimum of $7 million in annual revenue. They have the option to add in-house departments such as education and training or to outsource them.

All sectors must provide education and training for their employees. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to outsource to professionals who specialize in it. 

Therefore, this creates an opportunity for individuals who want to travel to company sites and train employees as a career.

6. Medical 

The medical field offers several remote work opportunities including pharmaceutical sales representatives and travel nursing. 

Nurses are an important component of the medical community. Several can obtain additional education and certification that allows them to prescribe, diagnose, and examine patients.

Those who decide to specialize in pediatrics, geriatric, or oncology care increase their value to the medical field. They can travel to help meet demand at hospitals, clinics, and offices in other cities and states. 

Thanks to technology, nurses can also provide telehealth services remotely. 

7. Project Management

Cities experience boom and bust cycles. Developers receive opportunities to build new homes, multi-unit complexes, and places to eat as the height of cities wanes. 

Each new development lasts a couple of decades before the property requires upgrades or renovation again.

Some builders, construction workers, and developers make a living going from project to project in different cities, and each project requires an onsite project manager.

This professional ensures that the project stays on budget and its timeline. Plus, they complete onsite quality assurance and inventory checks.


Professionals who have an interest in working remotely and traveling for business will find opportunities in several career paths. In case your desired job doesn’t offer it, remember that it’s possible to create it.