Rev Peter Unger Presents ‘For the Little Ones’

Rev Peter Unger captures the zeitgeist of the moment with “For the Little Ones”. A nice mixture of reflections alongside elements of faith, the piece radiates a coolness. Lyrics here rest in the very center of the entire thing. He keeps things simple too in order to further emphasize the sheer power of his words. With only a guitar, bass, and his voice the song has a fragility to it. This delicate nature seems to perfectly intersect with the word choice as there is an aura to the whole thing.

The song has a stately grace with it, as the many elements interact into a kaleidoscopic burst of color. Optimism reigns supreme for there is that decency to it. A trust in the inherent goodness of the world helps to bring his message across. Even in the midst of so much sadness and heartache, it is an important indicator that our humanity can work through anything thanks to a strong belief system in that higher power. Rhythms have a natural cadence to them, for they have a laid-back aspect to it. Production has a clarity to it, for it perfectly highlights every verse which is informed by both historical and modern-day observations. Hope is perhaps the essential ingredient here for without it all would truly be lost.

“For the Little Ones” revels in the skilled ability of Rev Peter Unger for they make sure to deliver something that has so much heart and soul to it.