New Single By Steph Sweet – ‘A Wicked Man’

Steph Sweet lets “A Wicked Man” soars all the way out into the sky, with an expansive take that possesses a wild freedom to it. The blues, dream pop, hard rock, and shoegaze all mesh into a singular experience. A western twang certainly rests right in the center of it giving it a hazy, animalistic passion to it. Her voice seemingly swims through the rest of the din for she sings with a great degree of pure fire. Done with such dignity, she brings to mind some of the joy that the early 90s brought musically, as there is a raw grit that speaks right to the soul.

No buildup, nothing she dives headfirst into the flurry of activity. Interplay within the sound feels liberating. She has a wry sense of humor too and this is reflected within her word choice. Verses here get woven together to create such a colorful tapestry of sound. All of it works wonders for it swirls around in the listener’s mind. The giganticness of the entire thing feels majestic as it rolls through in a tender, compassionate way. Little details reverberate within the whole of the piece for there is a symphonic grandeur to the way she allows it all to blend together. For the final stretch they let loose even more as the song becomes a truly unwieldly beast of a sound.

“A Wicked Man” revels in the exquisite world that steph sweet crafts with the utmost of care.