Seven Great Gift Ideas For a 13th Birthday

The big day has finally arrived, and your child is officially a teenager. It is a day they have probably been looking forward to for a long time. Such a momentous occasion should be recognized with an equally momentous gift, but choosing one can pose a real challenge. You want something that they will love, but also something that they will use and appreciate.

When it comes to shopping for teens, bridging the gap between fun and functional can be a tightrope act. If you’re looking for gifts that celebrate your teenager this list is for you.

  • Jewelry

A milestone birthday deserves a momentous gift. Marking the day your child becomes a teen with a specially engraved pendant or a grown-up watch is a great way to let them know that they are growing up. If you have a piece of heirloom jewelry that is appropriate that would be a gift that would never be forgotten. Or make it more personalized by getting the celebrant a custom bar necklace with a name on it.  

  • Books

A thirteenth birthday is a perfect occasion for a book that has a particular meaning. You could choose a book that you loved at that age, a particularly lovely hardback copy of one of their childhood favorites, or even a beautiful journal for them to record their amazing teenage adventures. Be sure to inscribe the inside cover with a thoughtful note and the date.

  • Electronics

While managing screen time is a challenge with teenagers, a thirteenth birthday may be an appropriate time to celebrate with an electronic device they’ve been coveting. You may wish to consider giving them a cellphone. Recognizing that teenagers spend significantly more time in the world without their parents, a cell phone can be an effective way to stay in contact.

If your child is not ready for a cellphone, consider a device that will let them play their own digital music or a great set of earbuds. Every teenager needs a way to listen to their own tunes. Or consider a handheld gaming device that they can use to play games with their friends, even when they are not together. 

  • Self Care 

Teenagers will become more and more interested in how they present themselves to the world. Introduce your teen to the wide world of self-care with some exciting new products to try. Some ideas include great-smelling bath gift sets, exercise equipment or even multivitamins for teens that can start them off on a lifetime of taking good care of themselves.

  • Hip Furniture

Your teen is going to need a cool place to hang out. Consider gifting them a hip new piece of furniture to help them create a chill-out zone of their own. Butterfly chairs and bean bags chairs are back in fashion and are the perfect base for a comfortable gaming or reading space for your teen.

  • Art Materials

Teenagers love opportunities to express themselves and their opinions, and the arts are a wonderful way to do that. If your teen loves stickers and papercraft they will enjoy a paper cutting machine to help them get professional-looking results. Teens who express themselves through music might love a ukulele; it’s easy to learn and there are plenty of free tutorials on the web. Fine artists will appreciate materials for their craft or lessons at a local studio. Whichever medium your teenager favors, encouraging self-expression can alleviate stress and support mental well-being.

  • New Clothes

Your teenager may love a wardrobe update that reflects their young-adult status. Parents used to kids who think clothes make awful gifts may be surprised to learn that treating them to a trip to the mall to pick out some new, trendy outfits for school may be a big hit. The newest sneakers or hippest boots may also be a gift they’d love to show off to their friends, and could get you on the list of best-gift-giver ever. Another idea is to upgrade their winter jacket from cute kid to young adult, choosing a color (black) and brand (North Face) that is more grown-up than their colorful kid choices.