Bree Jaxson Surges Back On The Music Scene With New Track, “Way Back.”

Bree Jaxson is a creative talent out of Nashville who has not only channeled her passion for music into a burgeoning career as a recording artist, but she also prides herself as a combat Air Force war veteran. Last year, the dynamic singer-songwriter crafted a catalog of singles brandishing her soulful country music stylings, including the hit track, “Giving In.” Just last week, she stepped out with her first 2022 single, “Way Back.” The sexy music is full of uplifting tunes and exudes positive sentiments. Through “Way Back,” she takes the audience on an enthralling excursion that is just right for a celebratory holiday weekend. The talented vocalist guarantees that this tune is distinguishable from others that she has composed in the past. She made use of unique elements in the song to make it more enthralling.

Bree Jaxson made her debut with the track “Kryptonite” in 2018 under her previous moniker, BreeLynn. In 2020, she signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. The next year, she was seen releasing ‘Make Me Hate You’ and Country Heart City Roots,’ which were featured on the American Country Music Awards Spotify playlist. She has always been passionate about music; and continues to make music while serving the country. She takes music as a way to express herself and makes use of it as a vehicle to tell her audience her life experiences which taught her that music could help you get thru anything. Bree has a unique voice that captures attention instantly, and it won’t be surprising to see her on top of the charts.

“When you are happy, you enjoy the music. When you are sad, you understand it.” – Bree Jaxson

Listen to “Way Back” on Spotify and other streaming platforms. For more information about Bree Jaxson’s endeavors, including the upcoming EP, visit her website; make sure to follow her via the Instagram handle.

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