Michael Dean Hall Presents “It Really Sucks Getting Old”

Growing up in a musical family, Michael Dean Hall has music-making in his blood, picking up a natural interest in it at a young age. His sister played accordion, and both his father and his brothers Don and Clif played guitar. So, once he started playing along with them, his knack for singing and songwriting took off not long after. For a while, he actually tried giving up on music altogether, but ultimately, his gifted talent and undying passion for creating music kept drawing him back. Now, he is ready to conquer the music industry, taking his artistry and original music to the next level. Part of what makes Hall’s lyrics so powerful is that he writes about real and true facts of life. This constant and his Tennessee roots transpire in his latest country-rock single, “It Really Sucks Getting Old.”

From the struggles of bending over to tying your shoes or keeping up with the fast pace of your grandkids to realizing your vision and memory are not up to par with where they were when he was younger , Hall covers the bona fide reality that comes with aging in a lighthearted, humorous way. His twang-infused vocals and storytelling partner with the best parts of the country genre with an upbeat instrumental, bringing rock n’ roll’s leading guitars and driving drum beats to the track. What’s more, “It Really Sucks Getting Old” is just one of the great songs part of Hall’s Phases of Life album. If listeners have one takeaway from his newest single, it should be a good laugh to break up the world’s drama, badness, and sadness. The keys to this song’s success are its relatability and exploration of the common features of the adage familiar to people of all ages: “It Really Sucks Getting Old.”

Hall portrays the role of a grandfather in the music video, which takes viewers through a day spent with his grandson and trying to keep up with him through out the day. His grandson is played by his longtime little buddy, Jakob (also called JJ), whom Hall’s wife has babysat and watched grow up for over five years. Hall and Jakob’s innate bond from years of being together shines through the visual in its entirety, as the two spend time playing video games, making and producing music, and walking to get milkshakes at Soda Pop Junction in beautiful Lynnville Tn — a local favorite that is the home of the best hamburger and second-best milkshakes in the state of Tennessee! Fun fact – the owner of Soda Pop Junction Johnny Phelps can be seen behind the cash register in the short and sweet skit that can only be seen if you watch to the very end of this wholesome video.