Local Services Every Office Should Treasure 

When you’re running almost any kind of business with an office as the base, there are certain local goods and services that you simply can’t do without. Not only do they supply you with key things that you need for all kinds of events and other happenings, but they form a supportive business network where customer referrals start to happen and everyone benefits.

Here are a few common services that any office should treasure, building and nurturing close relationships with providers as much as they can.

  1. Catering and Restaurants

If you’re running a business in Victoria, then you’ll know how important it can be to look for corporate catering in Melbourne. You might be bringing in outside catering to an event you’re hosting at the office, or planning an annual holiday party at a local eatery, these connections really do matter.

Catering and restaurant services are usually among the most abundant in any area where offices are also operating, like a central business district (CBD) for example. This means you can easily make multiple connections to different suppliers and venues, giving you many options to call on for catering and event hosting needs when the time comes. You’ll never be short of a catering plan B when you’re friendly with all your local restaurants.

  1. Stationery and Office Suppliers

Your office needs stationery, just as it also needs office furniture and other supplies. Building strong relationships with local suppliers can ensure that you support local companies who need it, but also bring all the things you’ll need to your office space in quick time. 

As your company expands, you may find you suddenly need more furniture and equipment to kit out new offices and shared workspaces for new team members. Your cordial local partners will only be too happy to help out, perhaps offering discounts, or even being willing to work outside of normal hours in order to see your needs met.

  1. IT Services

All sorts of things can go wrong with computers nowadays, and not every company can afford to have a dedicated IT department. That means that you’ll need to call on local suppliers of IT services for if and when you are attacked by malware, ransomware, or when you want to make use of special new software such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Build up good connections with those services around you and enjoy hassle-free company IT for years to come!

  1. Flowers and Gifts

This one might sound more frivolous, but actually it’s quite important to have a reliable local supplier of flowers and gifts on hand. Flowers are useful for decorating special events at your office, not to mention as gifts for people celebrating birthdays, or perhaps who are leaving the company and you give flowers to them as a gesture of good will and appreciation.

As for gifts, companies often create corporate gifts as give-aways at corporate events and whatnot, and the smart companies use local suppliers to build good relationships. For example, they may make branded mouse pads, USB flash drives, stationery sets, notebooks, smartphone covers, plush toys, and more. These make great gift bag fillers, not to mention being perfect for promoting your company brand far and wide.

  1. Graphic Designers

Similar to IT services, not every business has its own dedicated graphic design department. It’s not just creative industries like media, music, and art that benefit from these services, you know. Any kind of business might need an advert, an attractive social media banner, a new logo, and so on. Local designers will appreciate your business, and will often work even harder to ensure their neighbours get the very best.