Important Office Supplies We Forget to Buy

Flip through any office supplies catalogue, or scroll through their online platform, and you’ll find more items than you could likely ever remember. Do offices really need all this stuff? They must do, right? Otherwise why would these companies be advertising them as for sale?

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In this swirling fog of items, however, there are always things that we seem to forget to buy when we need them. Below are some prime examples of what we are talking about:

  1. Paper

This is an interesting one in the list because it’s not actually that we forget to buy paper itself, but rather we forget just how much of it we use! Countless offices all around the country and even the world are constantly finding themselves short of paper, creating all manner of emergencies and panics as people wait to print or copy documents as someone scrambles to run and get more.

  1. Chair Mats

You can purchase chair mats online, fortunately, so it’s easy to get them on order when you forget. These clever items are one of the most overlooked in the office supplies catalogue. They’re most commonly made from plastic or bamboo and are designed chiefly to offer protection to your office floors, be they carpet, hardwood or another material.

The wheels/casters on chairs which acts as floor protector for chairs can prove to be a real problem for floors. Staff moving to and fro in their wheely office chairs can eventually cause a lot of undue wear and tear, especially to carpet surfaces, where they can create other problems like trip hazards if the carpet becomes torn or damaged.

  1. Glue and Adhesive Tape

When we were at school, we seemed to always remember to put a glue stick in our pencil case, since we needed glue on a pretty regular basis. That actually doesn’t change a great deal for a lot of offices in the world, and yet it’s one of the things we most often forget to purchase. If it’s not a glue stick, then other liquid glue is also one of those things you end up buying only after you discover you need it to perform a quick repair or to affix papers to other papers.

  1. Ink Pads for Stamps

While digital stamping is increasing in prevalence, many offices are still making use of the more old-fashioned ink stamp. Whatever the type of stamp you are using, they all require one common ingredient, and that’s an ink pad. Most come in red, black, or blue, but regardless of the colour that you need, it’s another one of those things that you only run out to buy after discovering you’ve got none in the drawer (and neither does your colleague!)

Have you ever asked yourself how things like these are made? With our technology nowadays, you can now see how it was made, just type how to make personalized stamps and you will find what you are looking for.

  1. Toner

Just as we frequently run out of paper for the printer after failing (once again) to predict how much we might need for this week or month, we also seem to be just as forgetful when it comes to toner. It’s ironic really, because as laser printers have gotten more efficient with their toner, it has become more common to forget about buying replacement cartridges.

Each time we put toner in, we think we’ll buy more, but then forget. It lasts and lasts but then one day suddenly runs out and, hey ho, no cartridges left in storage, again!

  1. Envelopes

When it’s time to send out some important mail, what you most often find is that your desk and the office cupboard has every single type of envelope you can imagine…except the exact one that you need at that moment. It doesn’t do to put a neatly and properly folded A4 letter in some giant envelope. How unprofessional does that look?