New ways to win the explosion game with 200 charge

Explosion game with Excel is one of the best ways to determine the explosion game coefficient. Many users try to identify the green coefficients of the explosion game site and make successful bets by purchasing or downloading the Blast Game Excel. If you want to learn how to play Blast Game with Excel, how to buy Blast Game Excel file and other ways to predict the Blast Game coefficient, read on.

Ways to hack blast games and cheat blast games are very popular among people. To be honest: who does not want to win the explosion easily? Everyone wants to experience millions of impressions of this game.Among all the methods of hacking the explosion game, we must say that the method of using the Excel file in the explosion game can be a profitable way to win the explosion game. With this method, you can easily detect high explosion coefficients. بازی انفجار + آموزش و ترفندهای بازی انفجار شرطی برای برد تضمینی

How is the blast game with Excel?

To do this, Excel coding is used, which is done by experts. You can understand the game coefficients by preparing Excel files for Blast game. Of course, this method can be a little complicated for some people. But we try to teach you in the simplest language, how to play the explosion game using Excel files so that everyone can use this method of determining the explosion coefficient.

You should download updated and new files from time to time. This means that you can not bet in the game permanently using just one Excel file. To do this, you need to save the pages and channels you want to be aware of Excel updates. If for any reason you do not have this option, you can download new and updated files at any time with a simple internet search.

Buy blast game excel file

Many channels in Telegram as well as many pages on Instagram are selling the explosion file of the explosion game. You first deposit the amount into their account and then send them the deposit receipt. The file is sent to your WhatsApp or email and then you can use this file in the explosion game and enjoy. Of course, it is important to note that you can download Excel files from reputable channels and pages.

How to determine the explosion game coefficient with Excel?

Regarding the price of the explosion file of the explosion game, we must say that there is no fixed price.

According to our studies, the price of these files varies from 50 to several hundred thousand tomans, which depends on the sellers and their work experience. More crowded channels usually have higher prices and better files. You see, we do not confirm the validity or invalidity of this method of hacking the blast game, and we only teach you the procedure.

Blast algorithm with Excel

Well, here we have to talk about the blast game algorithm with Excel. First of all, note that for this method, if you have a computer or laptop, you are more comfortable and you can have a higher speed of operation. Our first suggestion is to enter the site with a computer or laptop as much as possible, and be sure to keep the file running during the game, set the game screen and Excel file so that you can easily switch them.

How to determine the explosion game coefficient with Excel?

Now we teach you how to determine the explosion game coefficients with Excel. If you are one of the blasters, you know that an MD5 code is displayed on the screen before the game starts, and the game coefficient is in this string code. This code is not decryptable, meaning you can not get the exact value, but you can tell if the coefficient is green or red. This is exactly what we need to make money from Blast Game.

Hack blast game with excel

You have to have a high speed of action to determine the odds of the game. It usually takes 4 to 5 seconds to start each game. In just a few seconds, players must quickly copy the MD5 code and paste it into the blast Excel file. Now if the file tells you to bet, you bet that time, if the file tells you not to bet, that’s the red factor and you should not bet that time of the game.

The most important point is that:

In the first round of the game, you should not bet at all. This means that you need at least 2 codes to know whether to bet in the game or not. Of course, if as soon as the game starts, that is, when you are new to the game and you do not know what coefficients the game had in the previous rounds, it is better to just copy and paste the code with a few hands. By doing this, you will be better on the game routine and you can be sure that you will win all the turns of the game.

notice that:

You should not think that the coefficient shown to you in Excel is an exact coefficient! No. This is a bet that just tells you whether to bet or not. It is best to withdraw your money at a factor of 1.5. Do not wait for high odds, take less risk to always be sure of your low but continuous and useful wins. Below we review some interesting tricks in this case.

Explosion game tricks with excel file

Here we must say that the first thing that matters is the speed of your action, if you want to be slow you will not have the opportunity to bet at all. Therefore, we suggest that you have enough practice, ie do not bet for a few minutes. Just copy the MD5 code of the game and paste it into the Word file immediately. To do this, simply click 3 times on the Md5 code to highlight all the strings.

Then press CTRL + C at the same time to copy the highlighted text. Then click on the Excel file and hold down the CTRL + V key combination to paste the text. Now there is another and more guaranteed way to see if you bet in the game or not. After entering the MD Five string code in the file, bet if the coefficient shown to you is less than the previous value.

When you should not bet

If the coefficient was higher than the value in the previous hand, do not bet at all because the coefficient of the game in that turn is red.

Which blast site should we play on?

Well, here comes another important point about today’s article. Which site to play on. Note that not all blast sites are valid. Sites may be very popular and crowded, but that does not mean they are valid. So you have to play on a site that you make money from, not because of its reputation.

To do this, we suggest you refer to the login link at the bottom of the page to enter one of the most reputable explosion sites. In this site, you can enjoy the instant deposit option and you will also benefit from very good welcome prizes when you register. It should be noted that by working on our site, you can also benefit from the feature of guaranteeing the payment of prizes.

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