Agat’s new genre-defying album ‘With The Incrowd’

Hearing something new and interesting in this current music market is rare. Agat smashes this idea to splinter from the norm and create music which is entirely different from anything I have heard before.

My two stand-out tracks are ‘Celebration’ and ‘Germs’.

Celebration has that bizarre uplifting but melancholic tone which puts the mind in an awkward middle ground of feeling content but dejected. Agat skilfully employs a rich soundscape with just the use of a piano and eerie SFX’s; be sure to check this one out. Germs follows along similar lines with that added punch of aggression brought across by Agat’s short vocal lines.

Agat is clearly no stranger to some top-level production techniques, and the use of sounds most of us would never think of using make the music stimulating and fresh. Coupling this with her layered and heavily effected vocals, we have a recipe for originality.

This album will definitely not be the last we hear of Agat, with unquestionable originality and an unrivalled personality it is hard not to see the person Agat could become.

Written by Alex Court.