Steve Dunn New Single “Mixtape”

A nice swinging country rock, Steve Dunn delivers a story straight from the heart with “Mixtape”. Volume reigns supreme for the rest of the song has a tremendous power to it. The buildup has a majesty to it. Guitars further the sound along, for they play confidently. Everything about the atmosphere has a warmth to it, one recalling a conversation with a dear friend. By letting this sensibility take shape it lends their vocals a sense of power to them. Word choice matters for it has that peacefulness to it, with everything intersecting to deliver something quite remarkable. Full of love the piece even makes sure that the song captures all the twists and turns that connections truly bring to a person in a way that has a grace to it.

The acoustic guitar starts things up. From there the rest of the band falls into place. Verses cascade downwards as the journey grows. Rhythms have a tried-and-true aspect to them for they keep on driving forward. A nice thoughtfulness intersects on the whole of the piece, for the combination of comparing a relationship to music feels particularly personal. Nicely working itself up the piece gains a communal quality, thanks to the tremendous scope of the atmosphere, one that washes over the listener. Upon inclusion of that wild electric guitar, it gains a fiery presence to it.

“Mixtape” revels in the exquisite power of Steve Dunn’s voice for it has a reassuring commanding presence to it.

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