What is the first reason coming to mind why millions of people are travelling to Vegas each year? The best casinos in the world and a possibility to win big, for sure. But another reason is unforgettable live shows. There is no better location to be, especially when it comes to listening to live music.

Over the years, the Entertainment Capital of the World has lived up to its moniker, hosting some of the world’s most renowned musical events on its world-famous stages. Here, we take a walk down memory lane, recalling the greatest of all time and memorable programs that will live on forever.

1964 – The Beatles

Las Vegas was one of the first American towns to have a live concert by The Beatles, the popular British band. They performed in front of a shouting, applauding throng of thousands at the Convention Center Rotunda in late June 1964. Tickets for the main level were a little over $3.00 at the time, which is difficult to believe today.

1971 – Elton John

In September of 1971, Elton John performed in the same locations, performing to a sold-out crowd of adoring fans. The concert was remarkable in that it took place on a Wednesday evening, right in the thick of the work week.

The fact that the performer was still able to sell out a show that did not take place on a weekend was immensely meaningful for his career and the concert business at the time.

1975 Kiss

Kiss traveled to Vegas for a highly anticipated concert at the Sahara Space Center, an expansion venue of the legendary Sahara Hotel and Casino on the Strip’s north end, only two years after their band’s foundation. Although the casino sector has become more digitized, with virtual deals and online gaming, physical and mortar venues in Vegas were the top attractions at the time of this presentation.

Because Kiss performed at a venue that was essentially on a casino site, fans came from all over the globe to rock their heads to the finest rock and roll in the world while also having the option of playing their favorite table games just next door. Not to mention that Rush, another well-known band, opened the event for them, bringing with them many more excited crowd members.

2000 – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam put on a fantastic set at the renowned MGM Grand Arena on the Las Vegas Strip just before Christmas in 2000. The band gave their fans a night to remember, performing some of their greatest hits including ‘Corduroy’ and ‘Breakerfall,’ as well as covering some Pink Floyd tunes.

Bottom Line

These were four most fantastic shows hosted on Vegas stages. People still remember and have nostalgia for these moments. But we believe that the best events are still on the way!