The pros and cons of teeth whitening

Strive for a dazzling smile, but you are a sweet tooth and can’t resist coffee? Years of eating and drinking couldn’t pass unnoticed and as a result, a bright smile isn’t your visiting card anymore. No worries, there is a way out – teeth whitening.

This procedure is just salvation for those who are ashamed of their smiles and lose confidence because of it. Still, before making up your mind, it’s worth finding out the pros and cons of teeth whitening. So, we prepared valuable info to give you an insight into the whitening process and help you make the right decision.

Before considering whitening benefits and drawbacks, you should be aware of its different ways.

Teeth Whitening Types

  • Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is one of the most common methods since it is highly affordable and doesn’t require going to dentistry. The only thing you need is to exchange your usual toothpaste for the special one. Some may think that it is ineffective, but many people have achieved a blinding smile due to daily toothpaste usage. Such kinds of toothpaste provide unique formulas that help remove surface strains, not damaging the enamel. That way, it is a more safe method than bleaching. Still, frankly speaking, there is the possibility of not seeing dramatic results, only slight changes.

  • Strips

If you are a busy person, this way of bleaching is just the job. It’s needless to take special measures and waste a lot of time. Just put on whitening strips and go about your businesses; they will do their toll. You can find these thin, flexible plastic-made pieces based on a peroxide formula at almost every drugstore. Wearing strips 30 minutes per day, you will reach wishful results in a week or two. Unfortunately, the effect lasts not so long, two-three months, and you should repeat the procedure.

  • Pre-Made Trays

They include a powerful gel responsible for teeth brightening. The great thing is that you will notice the first outcome in a few days of daily hour wearing. Since pre-made trays aim at mass-market purchasing, they may not be suitable for all teeth and jaw types. So, you risk getting gum irritation due to inappropriate trays fitting and, accordingly, gel leakage.

  • Custom-Made Trays

Unlike the previous trays, custom-made ones are the more efficient and secure way of teeth whitening. Thanks to the specially developed design for suiting the teeth, the gel will never get into your gums and provoke irritation. Besides, they contain higher peroxide concentration, so you will certainly drive a better effect.

  • In-Office Whitening

No doubt, this is the superior teeth brightening method. If other whitenings need a constant application to obtain some effect, one in-office whitening procedure and you can’t recognize your smile. Owing to a highly concentrated peroxide formula and high-quality dentist work, you will get the desired smile. Still, this option may not suit everyone as the treatment cost is pretty high.

Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons


Teeth whitening brings numerous benefits in terms of cosmetics as well as health. So let’s study them in-depth.

  • Appearance Improvement

As practice shows, a smile forms the whole impression about the person and if it’s a shining one, you become more physically appealing. Thus it may considerably help to find a new romantic relationship since a smile has the power to conquer hearts. Moreover, if you are an avid smoker or a coffee addict, whitening won’t leave any trace of your bad habits. So, you may forget about teeth discoloration and stains for a long time and get tons of compliments.

  • Confidence Increase

If you feel embarrassed about your teeth’ color and smiling is a big problem for you, it’s high time to think about the whitening procedure. After doing this, you just can’t stop admiring and showing off the dazzling smile at every turn. Your confidence level will sky rise and positively affect many aspects of your professional and personal life. 

  • Career Success

You may be surprised, but white, healthy teeth can promote professional achievements. It covers getting hired for a job, securing new customers, growing sales and even enhancing co-workers’ relationships. Agree, it is more pleasant to cooperate with attractive smiling people and they are perceived as ones we want to trust. Besides, statistics say that the chances of failure with hiring due to an unappealing smile are pretty high.

  • Affordable Price

When it comes to at-home whitenings, including strips and trays, you don’t have to spend sky-high amounts. Typically, the cost ranges from 10$ to 40$. Though such methods don’t provide flashy results, if you only strive for teeth brightening by several shades, at-home bleaching is the perfect solution.

  • Safety and Prompt Outcome

Despite hydrogen peroxides in bleaching products, whitening is safe if sticking to the instructions. Moreover, if you choose an expert dentist, the procedure can give an immediate result. So, you may enjoy a snow-white smile already in 2 hours after treatment.


Any medical procedure, even a cosmetic one like teeth whitening, can’t do without some side effects. The following list reveals widespread negative brightening consequences to get known.

  • Teeth Sensitivity

Depending on teeth, some people may be highly sensitive to the used chemicals within the bleaching process. The dentist commonly uses varied peroxide kinds that can cause damage while swallowing or applying to the skin. You may feel the ache yet in the treatment process as well as while eating and drinking hot and cold. But don’t worry ahead of time. Such discomfort will last only a few days.

  • Gums Irritation

Gum irritation and sometimes even gum burns may be the aftermath of bad-custom trays and whitening chemicals leakage as a result. In this case, nausea and soft tissue singes will be side effects. Still, like teeth sensitivity, nothing will bother you in three days.

  • Enamel Spoiling

Scientists can’t come to a single conclusion regarding if the whitening is dangerous for enamel and general physical teeth structure. This is because each tooth set is unique and has various enamel depths and some other features. So, whitenings may have varied influences on each person. It is crucial to consult your dentist before procedures and find out if the blinding smile is worth it. 

  • Permanent Effect

Owing to tobacco, coffee and wine overuse, teeth become yellow and stained over time. Thus, to keep your smile snow-white, you should redo professional whitening at least yearly.

Final Thoughts

Many people wish to get a blinding smile and teeth whitening can gift them with this. Still, it is better to glance through the procedure’s advantages and drawbacks and consult a dentist before daring to do this.