Wesson New Single ‘Understand’


A rollicking sense of purpose defines Wesson’s sound on the unleashed energy of “Understand”. Tempos feature a tremendous speed for they hold nothing back. Everything about it has a greatness to it, from the hit of the drums to the riffs that race on through. Multifaceted, they bring together classic rock, indie rock, garage rock, all with a strong sense of purpose. Lots of the layers intermingle to create a colossal, unwavering sound. By making sure that the atmosphere has a greatness about it the sheer fury is outright awe-inspiring. Keeping things to the essentials they make use of each detail, with the twists and turns truly mattering quite significantly.

From the first moment the song starts up with fury. They have so much energy behind them. By allowing this sound no stops the piece has a commanding presence. Upon the singer entering into the mix the song truly blooms. Lots of color enters into the fray making sure it is easy to get lost within the track. Over the course of the song, they make sure the flourishes are given the greatest amount of detail. Volume is a given for they make sure that their intensity has a force of nature quality to it. For the final stretch they completely let loose absolutely racing through with all cylinders in fine fashion.

“Understand” represents a pure classic energy for Wesson show off their chops on a sound that possesses pure fire.