Rev Peter Unger New Single ‘Love The Whole Day Through’

Quite a spiritual journey, Rev Peter Unger explores the joy that people bring to each other with “Love The Whole Day Through”. His voice features a lusciousness to it. Forgoing drums, the rhythms have a gentleness to them. The sound has a rural psychedelic quality to it, dreamy-eyed and highly optimistic. Lyrics matter a great deal for they have an inviting aspect to the entire thing, feeling doubly reassuring. Bass here has a subtle touch to it making sure there is the right amount of power to it, working as a form of punctation to the power of his words.

From the very beginning he sets the tone for what follows. Delicate melodies intermingle amongst the power of his voice. Gracefully he lets the piece evolve at a soothing pace. Really a lot of it brings the listener into this sense of peace. Quite stylish he makes sure that it defies easy categorization. Much of the piece, rooted in country and folk, sidesteps trends for something a lot more timeless. Everything about it has a creativity to it. He sings with such optimism nicely bringing the lyrics to life. Cyclical in style the meditative quality has such a power to it. Never building up too much the song has a hushed presence to all of it.

Rev Peter Unger explores concepts of faith in a way that feels warm, welcoming, and kind on the soulful “Love The Whole Day Through”.