Marcelo Maccagnan and his new single “Creatures of Habit”

Marcelo Maccagnan embarks on an epic journey on the transfixing “Creatures of Habit”. With a multi-suite approach the song sprawls out into the infinite. The atmosphere recalls the power of classic rock’s heyday, spreading out over the course of its eight plus minutes to incorporate a wide swath of genres into the field. Beyond the obvious classic rock elements, pieces of folk, ambient, progressive rock and more filter into the fray resulting in a truly immersive experience. Easily the ultimate framing device comes from the post-rock template imposed upon the sound.

Right from the beginning there is a hushed awe to the work, even jazz-like with the brushed drum work. Her voice enters into the fray and becomes the true focal point from which all else follows. By ensuring the weaving approach of the work the song has a theatrical aspect to it, making sure that every single moment matters. The bass works on an emotional level for it elevates the sheer strength of her voice. Volume shifts further add to the dizzying, disorienting experience of the entire work for there is a spaciousness to it. Everything here has a gradual build to it, the way that it grows and grows into an unruly beast is mighty fine. For the finale she lets it all rip resulting in a truly chaotic finish.

“Creatures of Habit” prove Marcelo Maccagnan to be a truly skilled storyteller, one that paints with such a wide swath of color.