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Each crypto trader, in addition to his favorite types of cryptocurrencies, has crypto that he closely monitors. This is based on a rational assumption or intuitive perception of the growth in the value of crypto in the near future. GLM, the Golem network token, occupies a special place among such cryptocurrencies.

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GLM Crypto Enhances Its Qualities 

Golem is a P2P network that was designed with an aim to unite and share digital resources for scalable computing. Its GLM coin has recently migrated from the GNT coin that was launched by Golem in 2016. This migration was connected with the elaboration of the standard ERC-20 which is intended to help developers. Thanks to its rules, the process of elaborating GLM working on the base of Ethereum blockchain, was improved.

How GLM Have Benefited from Migration

With the appearance of new Golem architecture, its coin has gained new improved qualities. GLM transactions for services conducted within the Golem network can be characterized by the following:

· fast and convenient micropayments without any intermediaries

· canceling of gas fees and other costs

· maximum supply of tokens is fixed at 1 billion tokens

· all tokens are allowed to circulation

GNT/GLM cryptocurrency is highly volatile, which makes it a great option for those who like risky strategies. Thoroughly monitoring the crypto market, you can buy a lot of GLM crypto when its price falls and sell when it rises again. Price GLM fluctuates sharply, allowing you to play on quotes:

· from $0.015 at 2016

· to $0.726 a year later

· than again $0.100 by the end of 2020

· currently $0.464 at March 2022

Where to Buy GLM

Buy GLM at the best cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B. You can monitor GLM prices online in real time and elaborate on your personal strategies for trading crypto. In general, you have two main options for buying GLM:

· Risky one: Marginal platforms that have better prices for crypto and do not demand the verification and authentication of the buyer. Seems a great option! But such sources don’t give you any guarantee and even don’t have client support service.

· Safe one: Reliable platform that uses Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for the clients’ verification. This way is a little longer, but it will secure your GLM purchase.

P2PB2B Cryptocurrency Exchange is the Best Platform to Buy GLM

· The platform gives you the possibility to buy GLM tokens either with fiat currencies via bank card or with other cryptos.

· You will be offered to keep your crypto on two accounts — the main or cold one that will protect your funds from scammers, and the trading one.

· Quick transactions for your trading that allows you to react in the fastest possible way to the changes in quotes any time of the day.

· No limits on purchasing all needed tokens including GLM.

The growth trajectory of GLM is not smooth and stable. But this feature allows you to gain a lot of benefits from trading with GLM. Cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B has trade tutorials that will help you to learn how to participate in crypto exchange games. Start buying GLM for your trading in one hundred pairs on the best crypto exchanges.