7 Steps for Holding a Virtual Funeral or Memorial Service

Are you trying to figure out how to hold a virtual funeral service? It is possible to hold a virtual service if you plan things. Issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for people to turn to virtual funeral services. Some of the restrictions, such as travel restrictions, made it necessary to come up with a way to allow people to attend the services from different parts of the world. Even in non-Covid times, holding a virtual service can be beneficial to some, especially in the cases when somebody opts for a cremation instead of a traditional funeral or burial. When people cannot travel, they need to turn to online tools to share their moments of grief easily. Some of the steps you can follow to hold a virtual funeral service include.

7 Steps for Holding a Virtual Funeral or Memorial Service

Select a date

The first step to take involves choosing a date for the funeral. The date should be picked based on several factors. For example, you will have to check on issues such as the date when people will be available to attend. You can schedule it to be held during weekends when people are free to join the virtual event. It is easy for many people to attend if you can choose a strategic date when many people will be available to attend the event.

Share roles

The virtual event will involve several roles. For example, some people will have to speak during the event. The electronics should be handled by experts, among other roles. It is essential to plan early and ensure you share the roles so that people will know what they are expected to do at different times.

When you share the roles, it becomes easy to capture all the essential steps people need to stay engaged.

Use online tools to share information

You need to let as many people know about the event as possible. You can use online magazines or websites that will publish the information so that as many people as possible will attend. Like the real- time funeral service, the virtual unreal service should allow room for anybody who would like to grieve. You can share the news on local online platforms where the bereaved sued to stay. It will alert more people about the event that is about to be held. Many people will plan to attend if the information can be communicated widely.

Invite people

There are some people you would like to invite. For example, you need to ensure close family members know about the event and are available to attend. You can send them emails and other forms of communication to allow them to attend the event. When inviting people, ensure you invite them early to allow room for them to plan for the event. Some people would like to perform certain roles during the event. You can send them emails and what they should do and attend the event. For example, you can share the login details of the event you intend to hold with them.

Choosing video conferencing tools

There are several video conferencing tools out there. Some tools will work, and others will limit the number of people who will attend. A tool such as a zoom has proven to be highly reliable in holding events. You can ask people to join such video conferencing platforms from where you will be able to share the event widely. People would like to get all details about the virtual event. Sharing information about the video conferencing platform you will use is necessary because it will allow other people to get used to the tools.

Show home videos

You would have to share some of the background information about the event. For example, you can spare some time and arrange home videos where you will share some background information about the deceased. Some people would like to remember their loved ones. It will be easy to remind them of the different events after sharing the background information.

Share the schedule of the events

The virtual funeral will involve different steps. For example, you will have to share details of what people will be expected to do at different stages. You need to have a program where different speakers will have to talk. The program should be shared in advance with all guest speakers for them to prepare for their speech during the event.

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