New Single By Sarantos ‘My Tears Fall’

“My Tears Fall” revels in the exquisite storytelling of Sarantos. With this piece, he gets personal with the Greek language adding to the intimacy of the work. A nice juxtaposition of the ancient and modern the song seemingly exists outside of time. Instruments here further add to this sense of otherworldliness. Quite catchy, the elements of folk, pop, and classical merge together to create a vivid soundscape. The melodies ring on true for they continue on into the infinite adding to the spirit of pure beauty, one that has a vibrant realness to it. Everything about it goes for the memorable for Sarantos holds nothing back.

The decay of the chords themselves starts the work out with majesty. From this rather elegant introduction the rest of the piece quickly comes into place. Rhythms have a laid-back attitude to it. By allowing the song to extend out into the infinite the history that he references feels real. All of the time gets extended. Dilating the time means that the expansiveness of the work for there is a beauty to the balance. Layer upon layer plays off of each other for there is a kaleidoscopic array to the whole thing. Updating the ancient sound gives hints of Big Thief’s ability to merge a myriad number of genres into one cohesive sound. Upon the final stretch a sense of release factors into the equation.

Sarantos reveals his very heart, his history and bares his soul on “My Tears Fall”.