Top five Ukrainian music stars

Ukraine is a country under attack. The small European nation with a population of fewer than 50 million people is facing an onslaught from Russia.

Before the war, Ukraine used to be a fun-loving and cheerful nation. The country has some supremely gifted entertainers, no surprise as the president was once a jester. That said, here are the top five musicians from Europe tailored for you from best online casino Australia.

Artik & Asti

Artik & Asti is a Ukrainian pop group founded in 2010 by producer and performer Artyom Umrikhin (pseudonym Artik). The group consists of two artists: Artik (Artyom) and Asti (Anna).

In 2010, producer Artyom Umrikhin decided to create a new musical project, but for this, he needed a vocalist. On the Internet, he came across a recording of the performer Anna Dziuba and offered her cooperation.

In a music studio in Kiev, they recorded their first joint composition.

Artyom Igorevich Umrikhin (Artik) was born on December 9, 1985, in the city of Zaporizhzhia. At the age of 11, he became interested in hip-hop. He made his first recordings in 1997. He performed in local clubs. In 2003 he founded the Karaty group and moved to Kyiv. His group immediately became popular. Later, Artik collaborated with many well-known performers, including Yulia Savicheva, Anna Sedokova, Dj Smash, Ivan Dorn.

Anna Dzyuba (Asti) was born on June 24, 1990, and grew up in the city of Cherkasy. She was fond of music since childhood. As a teenager, she recorded her first songs.


Svitlana Serhiivna Loboda (Ukrainian: Світлана Сергіївна Лобода, Russian: Светлана Сергеевна Лобода, born 18 October 1982), also known by the stage name LOBODA, is a Ukrainian singer and composer. Loboda represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and finished in 12th place with 76 points.

As a young girl, Loboda studied the piano, conducting, variety and jazz vocal, and grew to have the experience of being a composer, a leading role actress in a musical, a TV host, a designer, a photographer, a singer in Ukraine’s, Russia’s and CIS most popular girl band and finally as a solo artist. From an early age, Loboda showed a tendency for music and acting, making home musicals for her parents and relatives on family holidays. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision for her mother which special courses to enroll her daughter on to study. In a specialized music school, Loboda studied the piano and at the same time mastered the art of singing and conducting.

At the end of November 2004, Loboda together with Oleksandr Shyrkov and their company “S&A; music group Ltd” started her solo career and shot a music video “Cherno-Belaya Zima” (Black-and-white Winter) and within a year, in November 2005, she released her début album “Ty Ne Zabudesh” (You Won’t Forget).

Loboda is considered as the most paid solo Ukrainian singer in 2020.


Kazka (stylized in all caps; Ukrainian: Казка, transl. Fairy tale) is a Ukrainian band that performs pop with elements of electro-folk. Since its creation in 2017, vocalist Oleksandra Zaritska, sopilka player Dmytro Mazuriak and multi-instrumentalist Mykyta Budash have become a “breakthrough of the year”.

The group’s producer and the managers are Yuriy Nikitin and the company Mamamusic.

The band scored a success with the song “Plakala“, that hit a couple of records among tracks across the CIS. Kazka has become the first band from the CIS to be ranked 8th in all categories and the 3rd in the world pop category of one of the most prestigious world charts Top 10 Global Shazam. Kazka has become an absolute record holder among the Ukrainian artists in the number of views and is in Top 100 best music videos on YouTube. The “Plakala” music video has become the first Ukrainian language video to get over 200 million views on YouTube, which amazed many including

Maks Barskih

Mykola Mykolaiovych Bortnyk (Ukrainian: Микола Миколайович Бортник, born 8 March 1990),

better known by his stage name Max Barskih (Ukrainian: Макс Барських, Russian: Макс Барских, also written as Max Barsky) and alter-ego Nickolai, is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter. He was raised in the town of Kherson, Ukraine, and moved to Kyiv after his graduation.

He has released four studio albums and two extended-plays.


Dmytro Monatyk (Ukrainian: ДмитроДімаМонатик; born 1 April 1986 in Lutsk), professionally known as MONATIK, is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, dancer, composer.

He opened the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on 9 May.

From 2000 to 2006, he was a member of the Lutsk Breakdance Group ‘DBS Crew’, which became the best ‘B-boy’ group in west Ukraine.

In 2008, he became a finalist during the audition for the show Фабрика зірок – 2 (Star Academy), but he did not become a part of this project. This year singer Natalia Mohylevska asked Dmytro to work on her ballet, during her concert program ‘Real O’. This became a true turning point for him because he agreed and moved to Kyiv.

In 2008, he got together his first music group ‘Monatique‘, which survived through 2 live concerts in Lutsk. They played in the funk and soul genre. In 2009 he passed the audition to join ‘D’arts‘, where during the 2 years he went through a lot of events: in 2010 the ballet ‘Girl with the Matches’ was set by the director of the ballet, and is part of the cast for the ballet ‘The Republic of Qazan Tip’.