New Video By Bruce Lii “Toxic” Directed by Jordan Beckham

Precision, impact, and unpredictability: these are all elements that rap artist Bruce Lii has adapted from his inspiration, martial artist Bruce Lee. He’s sharp-witted and has a deadly punch with each lyric he spits. His tough exterior comes from his unique experiences during his days hauling through the country in an 18-wheeler truck. Originality and reinventing what’s already been done make him a standout artist. Samples from 80s hip-hop and R&B create an alternative feel, making each song a standalone work of art. Whether it’s kicking back with friends, celebrating the good times, or grinding hard in life, Bruce Lii has something for everyone.

A toxic relationship lingers around a constant battle between experiencing the euphoric highs and the most painful lows; it’s a tug and pull that never meets a happy resolution. In Bruce Lii’s latest track, “Toxic,” he reflects on his past mistakes and his struggles to balance a healthy relationship with the fast lifestyle of being a rapper. When money and fame came into the picture, he admits candidly that he got swept away with the hype. Bruce Lii shares about “Toxic”, “The song is about an old high school sweetheart. I had all the girls chasing after me but I didn’t see what was right in front of me. She was the one that got away.” Now with a more mature perspective, he realizes what he had been missing: someone to support him through it all. Listen intently, and you’ll discover that Bruce Lii is a dynamic lyricist with punchy bars that have you doing a double-take. The music video captures the icy nature of a toxic relationship with the artist performing in the snowy streets of Pittsburgh. “Toxic” is a raw look into the mind and talent of Bruce Lii.