9 Ways to Boost Speed of Your Radio Control Car?

Kids are more fascinated by Speed, which we present you with 9 key ways by which you can boost RC car speed and let them have the best playing experience.

Toys that are known to us as Radio Control Vehicles have a certain level and yet kids want them to grow more, especially to their speed. Kids are more fascinated by which we present you with 9 key ways by which you can boost it and let them have the best playing experience.

The thing you have to take care of however before considering such speed for radio-controlled cars is that they are smaller vehicles and minor adaptations have to be done and if you take care of such steps then it does help to boost speed and get a perfect playing response.

Make it Lighter

The first thing is to make it a bit light in weight so it can propel fast and let it get more boost to increase speed.

Change Its Tires

You can also consider changing tires, adding a better level one so it can help track smooth movement and fix perfect response.

Another Pinion Gear

There is also a probable chance to add pinion gears of the next level so they can help your car get a speed boost and let it propel faster.

Better Battery Boost

It can also be considered to look for batteries that can help such cars to get more speed to boost their performance and let kids have the best impression by using such toys.

Changing Motor Gear

Besides changing gears to new ways, there are also motor gears which propel so they can also be changed by attaching a better one which can give ultra-speed commotion.

Fix Motor Timing

However for motor gears to move accurately, they must also have control so when you attach them to boost speed, it is also effective to add motor time and get a better response with speed accuracy.

Change Barings

In other cases, you can also go on to change car bearings of the car, so it can help such toys to get more speed, boost ultra motion, and let things work in a faster but accurate way.

Add Speed Dynamics

In another way if you wish to apply waves of technology, then you can put on speed dynamics that work with toys, can elaborate the way it can get better speed, and have a perfect influence on technical adjustment.

High Scale Performance Tracking

Lastly, to get a new level of speed you must also track it, you have to check which car may get high-speed performance and for that, you can add a tracking sensor to check the new level so it can provide a proper view of how much to boost and set a better example.


Possible options are a lot when it comes to depending on speed and let it boost in concerns to radio-controlled vehicles but you must have an idea on what level such speed is handy and for what purpose it should not cross the limit so you can fix the right adjustment and let kids have the best experience with such toys.

The fact that you consider Radio Control Cars most often is the way they twist, turn in sharp speed and you also have to take care of the way to stand all such speed motion with its actual existence so it remains close to the kid and lets your child have best playing momentum.

You can however check which setting may suit better and how it can create more speed boost in such toys that would set a perfect creation and make your child happy by an increase in speed…