Kenton Place Present New Music Video ‘Roses On The Wall’

Kenton Place demands the listener play “Roses On The Wall” loud because theirs is a true wall of sound. There is a catchy melody and insightful lyrics, from the stunning guitar work to the vocals that rise above the rest of the mix. The atmosphere features an intensity to it, one that never gives up. With a steely gaze, they do not veer away from their goal. Rhythms have a driving pace behind them as well. Layer upon layer intermingles, creating a vast tapestry of sound. Best of all is lyricism which helps tie everything together.

Guitar work introduces it, and it all gets bigger from there. Word choice matters, and the instrumentation punctuates the power of each verse. Absolutely gigantic, it is a vast wave to behold. Nice give-and-take results from their interplay as well. Drums truly kick it for the rest of the group quickly follows. Heaviness from the guitars gives it that necessary punch to it. For all the urgency, the vocals have a degree of reassurance about them. Lots of exquisite detail work wonders within the piece, and the finale is an absolute blast, a final bloom of color.

“Roses On The Wall” embodies the best of hard rock, with Kenton Place holding nothing back in a blistering attack on the senses.


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