New Video By Project213 “Personality for Miles”

Project213 displays an intentional authenticity in their music and Jared Hallock’s songwriting gently kisses the avant-garde with psychedelic lips. Producing music in the progressive Boise, Idaho music scene, his metaphysical approach to songwriting is coupled with a tongue-in-cheek outlook on life. Project213’s latest single, “Personality For Miles,” is another unconventional entry into a growing catalog of music that gently guides the listener, with a wink and nudge, toward absurdity.

In the song’s first verse we are reminded that the eyes are the window to the soul. In the second verse, we discover a person’s insecurities through the eyes of Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi). The song continues on with the self-loathing types of comparisons we make when we are infatuated with somebody whom we feel is out of our league. Soon we discover that “personality for miles” is a measure of worthiness. This song is a celebration of insecurities. The deconstructed drum solo and the “lazy, kinda’ hazy” storytelling is a tip of the hat to the weirdos; to the people who let their personality shine for miles.

Project213 is excited to have “Personality For Miles” featured in the season 1 finale of Running on Love!

The video for “Personality for Miles” tells the age-old tale of jealousy. The kind of jealousy that happens on dance floors. The prom-style lighting, balloons, and punch bowl feel like they are straight out of Marty Mcfly’s basement. And yes, as expected, the mustached protagonist (April Matson) is going to have a dance battle. But will our dancing antagonist (Alexa Bowen) be wooed by another man (Scott Grady)?… Stay tuned!